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Property Damage, Insurance, and Bad Faith

When insurance companies sell policies, they make plenty of promises and assurances about what they will cover. However, while these companies are incredible at selling policies and collecting their premiums, they often fail to follow through on what they’ve promised. This is insurance bad faith.

At Huber, Slack, Thomas &Marcelle, we believe that insurance companies should be held to their word. When the worst happens, policyholders should enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their insurance company will follow through on their agreements.

In our experience, too many insurance companies deny claims through loopholes, obscure terms, or unclear language buried in the fine print. Or they may delay claims, hoping that policyholders will eventually give up or accept less than the full coverage amount.

We’ve seen insurance bad faith firsthand in handing thousands of hurricane, tornado, and fire claims throughout Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and nationwide. By denying claims or paying out less than they’ve promised, insurance companies stand to profit.

If you’d like to discuss the details of an insurance bad faith or property damage case, please contact us.