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Business Torts & Litigation

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Practice Areas

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Commercial Disputes

When complex commercial disputes arise, we’re serious about getting results for our clients. We prepare every case as if it’s trial-bound, consulting experts, deposing witnesses, and collecting information from the individuals, companies, and professionals who have harmed our clients. Then, we bring it all together using state-of-the-art technology that helps us drive home our case before judges, juries, and arbitration panels. This strengthens our position at the negotiating table in seeking settlements and allows us to thrive in the courtroom if we do reach the trial stage.

Our legal team has tried cases in state and federal courts throughout Louisiana, Texas, Florida, and nationwide. We’ve been able to secure substantial recoveries from our clients, including numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. While each case presents unique legal issues, what remains consistent is our dedication to applying our combined skills and resources to see each business client’s case through to full effect.

Fraud or Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices

When a business employs unfair or deceptive trade practices, it can infringe on the rights of other businesses and customers. If you believe that a business, partnership, or individual has acted unfairly or deceptively, you may be able to file a claim. Typically, these cases occur when an act is oppressive, immoral, unscrupulous, injurious, or unethical to customers, including misleading advertising, commercial fraud, commercial misrepresentation, overcharging customers, or defaming another business’s services or products.

While these claims can be challenging to prove—as each claim is different—effective handling can lead to success. There are many state and federal statutes that can affect your claim, including regulations imposed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Federal Trade Commission Act (FTCA), and various versions of the Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Professional Liability

We all depend on licensed professionals to provide us with specialized services. We count on doctors, lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers, architects, and engineers to provide us with services and expert information. Occasionally, licensed professionals may take advantage of their clients’ trust or act negligently. In these cases, we at Huber, Slack, Thomas&Marcelle are prepared to seek accountability.

Professional negligence cases often require a great number of documents and technical detail. We have the knowledge, experience, and a network of technical experts to build effective cases.

If you’d like to discuss the details of a professional liability suit, please contact us. We represent clients in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and nationwide.

Construction Disputes

Construction disputes require a comprehensive understanding of the field and its unique complications. We represent many of Louisiana’s largest commercial and residential construction companies as well as a number of developers, owners, suppliers, architects, and engineers. We’ve successfully resolved disputes through mediation, arbitration, and trial in state and federal courts.

We have substantial experience litigating construction-related claims, including contract disputes, construction defects, change orders, delays, disruptions, and termination.

If you’d like to discuss the details of a construction dispute, please contact us. We represent clients in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and nationwide.